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Patients Testimonials

“I have some truly serious foot problems complicated by rheumatological and connective tissue diseases. My doctor has addressed all of my concerns by answering every question I’ve posed. His knowledge is outstanding and he’s clearly devoted to his area of specialty.”

“I have been a competitive triathlete for over 20 years, during which time I have experienced bouts with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. The advice and treatments I received from my podiatrist helped me to stay pain-free during the grueling competitions and training. At 55 years old, I am still able to compete! I am convinced this would not be possible were it not for my podiatrist.”
-Sandra T.

“As a professional in the sales industry, part of my job is dressing to impress. As a result, I spent the better part of 12 years wearing high heels, leaving me with a painful bunion on my left foot that greatly interfered with my ability to work. After more conservative treatments were unsuccessful, my podiatrist performed bunion surgery. In a few weeks, I was fully recovered and back at work. At the advice of my podiatrist, I now wear wider shoes without a high heel. It has been 7 years since my surgery, and the problem has not recurred.”
-Maribel W.

“My type II diabetes had always given me trouble, but when an ulcer started to manifest on the bottom of my right foot five years ago, I was scared. I neglected to see a doctor about my foot for over a year because I was convinced that it would have to be amputated. It was my daughter who finally convinced me to see a podiatrist. My podiatrist was able to excise the wound without amputating, and gave me valuable advice that has allowed me to live and work without further complications or foot problems related to my diabetes. My podiatrist is the reason I still have two feet!”
-Bill K.

“As a mother of four swimmers, my kids are always walking barefoot through puddles of bacteria-ridden pool water that accumulates on deck. They have contracted foot funguses, plantar warts, and have all had athlete’s foot more times than I can count. Additionally, my husband and I both have experienced plantar fasciitis. Our family podiatrist has always provided effective treatment for our wide array of foot problems, as well as valuable advice for preventing problems in the future. My husband and I use our custom orthotics every day, and the kids have started wearing shoes around the pool. Our relationship with our family podiatrist has proved invaluable.”
-Joan J.

“I saw my podiatrist for a foot injury due to long distance running and training. My doctor took extra care of my foot to ensure a quick and healthy recover. He was extremely knowledgeable and asked inquisitive questions to be sure he understood what I was doing that may have caused the injury. He provided guidance on the appropriate shoes to wear and places to find them. So he not only treated the injury but he also ensured that I would stay healthy after I left.”

“Excellent doctor with courteous staff. I have seen my doctor for 12 years due to diabetic foot problems, and he has provided soothing care that allows me to stay on my feet and not be in pain! He is very knowledgeable about healthcare in general and works this into solving your foot problems.”