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What’s in it for my practice and me?

The obvious question when making any business decision is, what’s in it for my practice and me? We are talking about a Political Action Committee (PAC) and why you need to join today. Being politically active is not always popular, but is crucial to the future success of your practice.

Podiatrist licensure is being threatened by changes to the law and could impact your practice negatively in many ways. Without an active occupational licensing agency, podiatrists will no longer be eligible for medical malpractice insurance, will lose the ability to seek reimbursement from insurance companies, and will likely lose the ability to perform surgery!

In 2016, we expected a calm year that would entail being watchful of any legislation that could be harmful to podiatry. We never imagined a threat to something as crucial as the licensure act. Most of us felt it was a wake up call to all who practice podiatry. Podiatrists must become engaged in the process and educate their Legislators. Get to know your Representative and Senator. With a PAC, you will have the opportunity to attend fundraisers and show support of members work, as well as educate them on exactly what helps your practice serve your patients.

Benefits of Being a PAC member: 

  • Political Landscape Meetings: Only PAC members will be invited to VIP Political Landscape meetings where we hear from State Leaders in Health Care and Political Consultants.
  • PAC Party: The annual gathering to celebrate the formation of our PAC and promote success in becoming politically engaged.
  • Attendance at political fundraisers with State Leaders like Speaker Tim Moore and President Pro Tem Phil Berger as well as Health Care Committee members in the House and Senate.
  • Photo opportunities with State Leaders
  • Private meetings with State Leaders and decision makers
  • Opportunity to educate health care decision makers

 How can you join the PAC today?

Being a PAC member means you can be as active in the process as you would like. You may choose to write a check for a donation and leave the rest to your fellow podiatrist or you may want to take a leadership role in meetings and attendance at fundraisers with state leaders. It’s your choice!

It’s also your choice in how you give and how much. Donations can be made monthly or on an annual basis. There are many levels of giving to a PAC and all are important to the success of your PAC in helping elect members to the General Assembly that understand and support you in the policy arena, so you can better serve your patients.

Join the PAC today! Support Candidates and Legislators who promote the health and welfare of patients of Podiatry.  

Please note: Contributions are not tax deductible. Contributions to the Podiatry Medical & Surgical PAC provide no implied favor to the contributor. Send only personal checks. Corporate checks are prohibited by campaign finance law. Please do not mail checks to the Society office.

 To donate, make your check payable to Podiatry Medical & Surgical PAC, and mail to:

Kenneth Haywood, JD
Boxley Bolton Garber & Haywood
PO Drawer 1429
Raleigh NC 27602

Click HERE  to join and pay by credit card!

OR, you click on the menu below, choose a monthly or annual donation option and your credit card will be billed automatically! The monthly transactions are handled securely through PayPal. You need not have a PayPal account to participate. This is simply our method for handling the subscription billing.

1. Click on the menu below.
2. Choose your monthly or annual billing option.
3. Click Subscribe.
      You will be redirected to the PayPal website.
4. Enter the requested information
5. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.
6. Enter a unique password.
7. Read the User Agreement and submit.
      You may unsubscribe at any time. I’ll send you a link to complete that transaction.

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